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The World

Welcome to the lands of Dargoth. I truly hope you
enjoy this setting as much as I have enjoyed
creating it over the last 20 years bit by bit.

The campaign setting you are now looking

through is not based on any one game system and may be played with any available fantasy game system with a bit of work from the game /
dungeon master. I personally have run players on
adventures through the lands of the Dargoth
region for more than 20 years with a variety of
game systems. This text contains history both
written by myself and created through the shared
experience of every player who has ever sat at a
table with me and a pile of dice.

Basic assumptions

The world of Dorith orbits its parent star at the
same rate and spins the same speed as earth. There are 365 days in a year and 24 hours in a day.
Using this simple model makes it easier for players to think from their characters perspective without needing to stop and do math to figure out the date. 
The current date system was started by the church to mark the end of the age of chaos and the start of the age of learning. (Current year 124) There are 4 seasons which are also months in the 
Dorith calendar. Each is 90 days long and is followed by a holiday which is not part of that “month”. The holiday following the autumn

season is 2 days long.

Months & Holidays of the year

The Years Birth -  Holiday

Spring - Month
The Day of Sun -  Holiday
Summer - Month
The Leaf Fall -  Holiday
Autumn - Month
High Harvest Day -  Holiday
Rest Day -  Holiday
Winter - Month

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